Rebekka Bakken - Hard to be a loser

I Keep My Cool -

06. Hard to be a loser

It's hard to be a loser when it is forbidden to lose no matter what you start it's bound to have an end and no matter what happened you know you are to blame What others find sweet is what you call the blues

When I woke up this morning my bed was gone I was freezing like a dog and the ceiling was broke it rained through the window the floor was wet the first thing I saw was you had left with her and that you both are walking around calling beautiful music what I now call the blues

But okay go to hell and get out of my sight if people ask how I feel tell them I'm doing all right and if people ask why I cry I'm not at all sad I just invented a new form of ?laughter I practiced since last It is what you call beautiful music And which I call the blues

If you one day shall think ?that your beautiful world has fallen apart please look me up since it is me who's paid the party You see, a man is like a house there is always an open door and I don't give a shit if thousand women have lived there before Cause then it is my turn to call it beautiful music what you now call the blues

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